Extreme Bottle Digging Again


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I was out bottle digging on Jan. 10th, new bottles, new year:grin: Anyways I was back at the honey hole again!:spin: I started on digging a new hole up on top, got few milks, spring bottle, couple medicine bottles,! Then I went down to the other honey hole, got a Ozomulsion bottle, Deluxe beverages bottle, a couple regular vinegar bottles, so hoping a few White House Vinegar Bottles(they big $$$$$ on ebay , I sold 10 on ebay last month):multi:

And then when I was ready to leave, i looked in one of the honey holes, Big Surpise! I found a Poison bottle laying on top of the dirtpile ! :yikes: :rocketwho

I upload the video:

Here's some pic's: