F70s do the business today


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We're on our spring tides just now,
and it has certainly moved a lot of sand away. :duel::duel:

It's nice to get some finds again, only clad but it's been in a long time.
I had taken pics but when I inserted my SD card it wiped it clean, :doh:
it's never done that before.
Could be something to do with the last windows update. :rocketwho

However our total for todays hunt came to; :alcoholic:alcoholic:alcoholic
£12:77 = $20:76 on a dull and overcast day,

with a gentle but very cold wind.
Still we had a very enjoyable day. :bthumb::bthumb:


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My pc did get the pics

It just did it so fast I thought it had wiped the SD card clean,
since I didn't see it happen.
Once it had loaded the pics it wiped the card clean as quick as blinking an eye. :doh::doh: