fake spanish coins found in Galveston


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First I just want to say Hi.
I've been around before but took some time off.

About a month ago I was detecting on the beach at Galveston, Texas.
They are still rebuilding after last years hurricane.
They've come a long way since that time.
Moving alot of sand around from different areas, this coin could have come from anywhere in the area. Dug on the beach around 61st street.

I believe it is a copy of a spanish 2 reale.
Some silver on it as it must had been silver plated
25 mm
has the word "copy" stamped on it.

I know of several others found over the last ? so many years.
Not sure of an exact time line for these finds.
But at least for a few decades.
There is one in the metal detector shop. Similar but does not have the word "copy" stamped it though.
Have done some searching on the net for info.

Question is.
Does any one know of any info on these?
Where they some from?




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shoot am sorry I cant see your pix, its very blury.. I too found a fake pendant one in NJ recently with copy barely written on it.


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I have seen numerous different ones over the years. In fact years ago in our city they had Ponce Day and gave them out by the bucket fulls. Some are better than others, and I have seen some where you really have to search them to find the words copy, and then there are some with no copy at all but indeed are fake. Not sure if this helps you much?Notice copy?



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Once I get the coin cleaned I"ll take another pic and hopefully it will be better.
I was wondering if it was from some event years ago or group hunt?
Or someone trying to pass fakes?



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Those fake pirate coins show up on the beaches of Bermuda quite regularly. The hotels use them for scavenger hunts and promotional events, they are usually zinc based with a gold coating. All of the ones that I have seen have the word copy clearly displayed but the writing is quite small.


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Here is an actual one that i found a couple of years ago. I know this one was minted in Mexico. On the back there is a M and that is what it means.
My brother was hunting arrowheads about 5 years ago in the same area and found a 8 reale laying on top of the ground. It was a 1783


Jason in Enid

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Those fakes are everywhere. I can order them in 100 - 1000 piece lots, and they aren't very expensive.

I feel your pain though. over 20 years ago when I was still new to TH'ing I found 4 fakes, but each one was different and they weren't all stamped as copies.


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new pics

Some new pictures. 2 digital cameras.
Bought a Fujifilm 3800 3.2 pix and 6 zoom w/video($20) and a Kodak Easyshare cx7530 5 pix and 3 zoom w/video($40) from a resale shop.
Both are better than the camera I had. And saved me alot of money.
No instructions with them so I am playing with pics.
This was taken with the Kodak.

(will clean the coin son)


Seen those before

You can buy almost any fake coin you want on eBay...but the law requires the people producing them to have "copy" stamped into them...otherwise it would be simple counterfiting. Still pretty cool to find though! :bthumb: