Figured I'd share some old currency I have had passed down to me....

This first bill was actually produced in the field and was legal tender. I guess it was hard to get actually currency to front line troops so it was "field printed" and if signed by the proper person it was legal tender.
The 2 dollar bill is interesting...I actually don't remember how I came about it but it has a stamp from 1976 on is near mint

The rest were bills my grandfather and great grandfather collected during the World Wars... I still have a compass...a Japanese 6.5 rifle and a lucky rabbits foot that he carried with him (although it is not hairless and ugly looking)

Thanks for looking!



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Hi, The note pictured in the photos that are labeled "War Print Front" and "War Print Back" may be quite a valuable note. I had a similar note that sold for $135 on eBay.

Doc dog

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Man do I love old money,,I too collect old money,,but old America money,,mostly old "horse blanket"paper money ,but also red and blue seal newer notes,,,but nothing past 1963. If anybody's interested ill post some pictures :)


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Sounds great! I think I may have some pics to post as well. My member icon on the left is a close up of an early 1940's 100 Escudo note from Portugal. -drew49


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against the wind,
Some MPCs from the the Viet Nam era are valuable. Here are some photos of notes in my current or recent collections . . . drew49
__TQMPC661 5c copy.jpg Martha a copy.jpg $20 GC 1906 Parker Burke obv copy.jpg Algeria20F1924.jpg France 1930s 50F copy.jpg Portugal 100 obv copy.jpg
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