Finally used the Tejon

The weather finally broke, with highs in the mid 50's, so I brought the Tejon to the downtown park for it's maiden voyage. Manual ground balancing wasn't hard at all, and I'm now starting to get used to all the pops, burps, and growls this machine makes.
Can't wait to use it again.

Walked away with about $2.50 in clad, and half a dozen shell casings. ( Nice neighborhood, right? ) Lots of foil, pull tabs, and screwtops to put in the trash, but I left the empty "dime bags" right where I found them. Don't know what was in them, and I'm not getting any residue on me. I know we're suppose to pick up all the trash we encounter, but I draw the line at drug paraphernalia.

Be my luck to get sniffed by the police dog.

dig it up

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Nice haul on the clad, I don't blame you for leaving the bags, shoulda just threw the in the trash , but still don't blame ya for not messing with them.. make sure not to go there at night :duel: