First finds with the 1500

Picked the unit up, on the way home stopped at a park. Got these within 30 min...I love this thing so far. One appears to be a maple leaf pin of some kind...the locket is very small and opens.



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That was a most excellent hunt for the first time out with a new to you machine. Hopefully this is just a sample of things to come.
Yeah! Nice. Would you mind sharing with us what the imaging screen showed as far as sizing, target probability and any other characteristics about the find? We're learners as well. Thanks.


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congrats, very nice finds:bthumb: i really love my GTI 1500, the "size imaging" really spoils me, just saves so much time not diggin up non-coin sized items. the nice thing is (atleast for me) all rings i've found so far sized up in the coin range. another great thing is most pulltabs and bottlecaps fall under the "c" size (next size up from coins) just a great feature to have:bthumb:
Showed up in the nickel to pulltab range. Since i am on the hunt for jewlery, I always dig pulltabs. Size wise, the pin showed quarter size..right on, the locket was dime size, right on as well