First gold with the XP


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I really haven't had a chance to just coinshoot with the XP except for the "silver dime spill" which we knew was there somewhere, we just didn't know exactly where. I actually started today's hunt the way I normally would with a new machine. Ironically, as soon as I had bought the XP we had just gained permission to an exceptional CW site so I didn't object at all when my partner offered to set it up for CW relics and the area we were to hunt at. ATW has the right idea of starting with the basic programs. I just figured I might as well "cherry pick" the CW site for a little while with a program that was producing and then switch back to the basics when the opportunity presented itself, which was today.

Since I was pressed for time and knew that I was looking specifically for old coins and jewelry I went with the "Basic 1" program and started hunting. I dug up a really nice 1920 wheatie at about 7 inches and an 1988 nickel at about 6 inches after about 1/2 hr. There was a lot more junk in the area than I ever dreamed of. I had hit this place so many times before that I had very few signals with my XLT even on the relic mode so this response from the XP Deus really floored me. Actually there were about 5 iron signals around the 1920 penny when I went to dig it up.

I was getting ready to quit and told my grandson that I would dig two more holes and that's it. My second to last hole was a horseshoe that was pretty deep and reading a steady 96 at about 8 inches down. Then my last hole. It was a VERY STRONG 58 and I was actually kinda reluctant to dig it up, but there was something about that strong PING that got my attention. Long story short, up came this gold-plated ring. It's bent up a little and I'm not even gonna try and straighten it out. It appears to have three pearls in it. Again, I'm really impressed with the separation and recovery speed of this machine. It's pretty awesome. Oh and yes, I'll be going back there again. Who knows how much stuff I've missed. Like they say, " A place is never totally hunted out". HH (y)