First hunt of 2019


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It's been a long cold winter and it's not over yet more snow coming tonight. Yesterday Bev and I decided we needed to get out and swing the detectors so we decided to head for the shore. The temp was about 39 degrees with a strong breeze but it didn't feel too bad. The finds were not great but it was nice to get out and swing the detectors. Here are our finds,

12 pennies
4 nickels
4 dimes
6 quarters
no jewelry
2 sore shoulders
When we go to the shore we always take a detour on the way back and visit my Mom ( she is 95 years young) and 2 of my sisters. We had a nice turkey dinner and brought back some canned goods ( mom still cans veggies and when you visit you can't leave without some ). Here's hoping spring comes soon.