First impressions Radio Shack 3300

Thanks for the reply Pete.I kinda figured as much.I didn't expect too much from a $100 machine anyway.I do like it better than the Lonestar though.Maybe by next summer I will have enough clad to get a good land/water detector.:grin:
Monty-it's good to hear from you.I don't have a problem with ground balancing down here except at the beach.However I don't ever have to change it from the preset mode either when on "dry" land.I think Pete's right about the different soil conditions in different parts of the country or even different parts of the state.
Not to rehash but.....

Doesn't sound like many people know how to use the 3300 (it's a mid level not entry level detector). First off it autobalances for rookies with the knob all the way to the left. Second if you actually learn how to balance it you can run it quite hot. Yes you will know when it's balanced by tone and VDI. My only complaint is that it's recovery can be slow. It's VDI and descrimination work well. It is however a more advanced feauture detector than the ACE 250. If they had an ACE 350 it would be the same with a quicker recovery time than the 3300. My 2 cents.
i have thr RS version of the LandStar, and it pretty much is as you described your 3300. It feels a little flimsy/wobbly like you said. I use a CZ5, usually and use the LandStar as a backup.