First time out with the Golden

I recentle did a trade. I got the Golden Umax. Being a Explorer user I felt a little unfortable with so many knobs. The Explorer on one hand has digital push button settings.Set it and it works. Has a few wistles (DD, back light and programable memory settings).
I recently got a Cutlass used a it a little in the front yard. (very simple.. I liked it very much). I lent it out. I wanted to use another Tesoro.
It was a whole new ballgame with the Golden. The threshhold is not constant,and all metal and disc modes. It seems to me to a different approach with the Disc. Like pull tabs. You can disc the out but may not get the gold because of the blend or comparisons of the metals. So I get that dialed in and am still getting pull tabs. Quite a few. I really did not expect any rings but it would have been nice.
Coins-I found 18 coins.None of which was under 3 to 4 inches.(1 dime, 1nickle,16 pennies) and a good hand full in trash. Most went strait into the can at the park. I have deliberately not dug pennies at this park previously.
Differences from one machine to the other.
The Explorer is a pennie magnet. They have a small range on the Explorer. I find pulltabs with the Explorer. Usually when I am hoping it is a nickle. Meaning I have been digging when the reading is 1 or 2 points for the nickle reading. The rings I have found have actually been closer in the dime range. So I keep digging.

I am going to work more with the Golden. Hopefully it will give me more confidence and finds.

This is no way a true comparrison of the 2 machines. They were not used side by side. This is just the ramblings of a detectorist who wants to find more stuff. The Golden might be more than I am actually looking for. The Cutlass was a beep and dig machine. The Explorer tells what range the the metal is and I dig.

Any way, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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The Golden will take you a bit to learn. Once you do you will find it to be a very good coin hunter.

One thing you could do? Get a big piece of cardboard. On one side securely tape and space different objects: IE: all coins, different style pull tabs, (it would be great if you had the old beaver tail type, and new) maybe a screw cap, and a bottle cap. You get the idea.

Any how once finished go out in your yard an give the cardboard a spin while tossing it coins facing down.

Once this is done go hunting on the cardboard. When you hit a target. Take a pencil and write down on the cardboard what you think it is. This also helps your pinpointing. See how close you are to the target. I used a dart to push through the cardboard.

The card board can be used multiple times, Beale.
One thing to remember is that the newer pulltabs register as nickel on ALL machines-and that includes tab tails, etc. But PLAY WITH IT! One poster I know of had been able to eliminate a lot of trash items that other detectors CANNOT eliminate by switching from Disc to Notch and also by switching from Wide to Narrow Notch. Others have moved the tone breaks on trash in the disc mode by turning the notch width control and setting the tones at higher or lower break points on trash. I've read that the possibilities are endless with this machine-I've been reading all this info as I am interested in one. One other hint: although it is not a depth monster, some have reached coins at 7-8" inches by slowing down the coil speed in older sites.
Great info!

Beale, I never thought of using the card board! Good idea for alot of new and older detectorists! It is a good way to hear the 4 different tones also!
On tones- I was able to get mixed tones- like penny and junk together. I would change directions or move until I got a good signal.

Slingshot, I did play a little. I seem to like the wide when you hit a target.

I am going to try it some more.