Fisher 1212 ?

From what Ive read they are a very basic machine, turn on and go, beep and dig. I read somewhere where it was comparable to a tesoro compadre , but with the compadre being lighter and getting a little more depth. But the 1212 does look dependable and easy to use, as a basic model beep and dig machine its probably pretty decent.
Yea, thats

what i read about it too, being comparable to the Compadre. But they work at way different Khz. The Compadre is 12 and the Fisher is only 4+ so the Compadre should have an advantage on small gold. But it should be an ok machine for the money. Thanks for the Reply.


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Not sure what you paid for the lil' Fisher, I got me a Compadre off craigslist just before Christmas '08 for $75 in new with tags condition. I have found the only gold ring with it...I like the way that the Tesoro's can mask iron and still hit on coins/jewelery. It freakin' amazing. Lightning quick recovery speed, and its a fun machine. With the 5.75 coil, its amazing on tot lots...good lcuk with this Fisher...Beep/dig machines are OLDE SKOOL...

So am i

Pretty Old School that is.:biggrin: I wanted a Tesoro but found this and an Ace 250 so bought them instead. I also have a Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 that is up for sale. If i really like the Fisher i will sell the Ace, (it has both the 6X9" and 9X12" coil, carrying case, and rain cover), and look for a Tesoro.
The 1212 X is to me better than the Compadre as all the lower end 1200 series Fishers and I'm not being biased a bit cause I had both and the 1212X is deeper...period, end of story. HH, Woodstock