Fisher 1212X

It is a great detector for what it is. It is my 9 year olds first detector and I wanted something built well that would be easy to operate! So far it has great depth but it's discrimination leaves a lot to be desired!!! With unit you realy have to crank the discrimanation to 6-10 to really do much with 8 being the sweet spot for trashy locations like school play grounds and such. It will hit on some really deep stuff. I do wish it had tone id though. It is light and well ballanced you swing it all day and not even know you have been swinging anything. The good thing is that it will find stuff just as deep withthe discrimanation set to 8 as on 4.


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One of my brothers first detectors was the 1212X. It served him well for quite some time. I think he also used it at a few comp. hunts too!:bthumb:
If you have a coil cover then scrub the ground and wear decent headphones... I found merc's and IH pennys at 8 inches while discing pull-tabs out. There depth in must cases is great for the ease of operation.
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