Fisher 1220X PRO manual needed

Hello, I am trying to find a manual for an old Fisher 1220X PRO I recently acquired. It is a chest or hip mount style detector. It is a no threshold detector, and it appears to have auto ground balance. It would be a great detector to put in my Willys for spur of the moment hunts when I am off road or exploring old town sites, etc. It seems to work fine, but a manual always has some tips that are useful. Can any anybody help?

I have tried to go on line, but all the manuals seem to skip over this model. The jump from the 1212X to the 1225X, and skip the 1220X and the 1220X PRO. The 1220X seems to be inbetween these two models. I have written to Fisher, but have not yet heard back. Thanks.
Manual for 1220X PRO


I agree - I can only hope that Fisher answers my email. If not, I will call them and see if they can help me out.

Hi,,:wavey: I Found A Web Page Where They Was Talking About The 1220 (not the pro)And Explaining The Operations In Detail But That Was It....There's Always FeeBay........Good Luck.....JJ