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plumber here reporting for duty. I don't know were they go, but they are never around to explain the "assumed sciences" involved with dowsing when asked forthrightly. I do know that nothing has changed regarding the explanations in several years. A smattering of electromagnetic, Coriolis effect, and reflected or bounced waves or rays of various spectrum's and origins. What else could it be? I've resorted to it when nothing else worked, and I must say I have been dead on 98 percent of the time. I missed once on a very deep, very long sewer line. The excavator found the pipe where I first found the pipe, however it traveled away from my staked out map at a perfect 45 degree angle. I had mapped out a perfect isometric mirror image of the actual line. The details were perfect...just going in the wrong direction! This "miss" convinced me that science was at work in some sort of "reflective" way. Meaning waves or rays piercing the earth and bouncing off in some manner. I believe it was the steepness or extreme grade of the hill that caused this mirror image result. I've always used L shaped welding rods or coat hangers for water or pipes. They must pivot freely from the base and not influenced by your hands. Yep. I am a believer...I believe science will one day explain this physical phenomenon. plumber


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Divining in Oz

Well after reading all the posts about dowsing which we call here in Oz divining. I have seen water, sapphires, all divined by my Dad he could also tell the depth and quality of the water he used wire, and a forked stick and as someone said in one of the posts Dad like the Peach stick also.

To find the Sapphires u had to have a sapphire on u in your pocket or some times he would hold the gemstone in his hand Dad is not with us anymore but he has left it with me i can devine and one of my Sisters could do it also. :biggrin:

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Found here in Treasurequestxlt

Albert Einstein, however, was convinced of the authenticity of dowsing. He said, I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time. I seem to remember a series of posts on learning dowsing but I am having a senior moment LOL

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I think we need to make sure we are all speaking about the same things.

The original post was about LRL.

The latter posts have been about dowsing.

I don't really care how people believe in either case. I have my own thoughts, and you have yours. My problem with LRL is that they want to charge outrageous sums of money for an electronic product which can not be explained or proved to work. IF you want to try dowsing, it's free. Just get the appropriate tree branch or rods and have at it.


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I can find pipes and burried cables with just two wires or coat hangers. As far as finding silver or gold, never tried it and have never seen anyone do it.


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My grandfather could dowse...he could also stop people from bleeding and a number of other unexplainable uncle (his son) can dowse and HIS son (my cousin) can as mother (my uncle's twin sister) cannot...and after receiving a gift of copper dowsing rods from a good friend here on TQ, I find that they will work for me as well...BUT it freaks me out - so I haven't really gotten that involved with them at this point...
Well here is a story for you. When taking Engineering I worked for a oil company (Amoco) after my first year, during the summer. My first day out I got sent out with a guy to locate a waxed off pipeline so it could be dug up, tapped into, and pushed clean. Anyhow we got to the site and while I'm digging the line locator out of the truck I see Bernie wandering around the field with 2 wires :confused:. So I'm thinking they sent me out with a nut:oops:. After a little while he stuck a marker in the ground and declared that this was the spot!!!! I'm still thinking he is crazy. He then hands me the wires and tells me to try it (I think the your nuts expression on my face may of had him doubting my belief). So now here I am wondering around a field (thinking this is crazy) with two wires in my hands. They did cross eventually but they did it 30 ft away from his. I'm thinking it was the wind, he puts a marker there. We got out the line locator and what do you know it shows it in between our markers. At this point I'm thinking well the wires were in the neighbor hood, maybe there is something too this. Have to see it done again to believe, but it might get you in the general area.

So the backhoe starts digging under where the line locator said. Nothing at the pipeline depth. So it moves over to Bernies, nothing there either. Then it moved over to mine. It was dead on exactly under mine :confused:. So now Bernie says "Wow your good at that", while I'm not sure it even works. This got around and I spent the rest of the summer being a human pipe line locator. They even had me locate 30 pipes on a old battery site (where the wells hook to) that had no underground drawings and the lines had to be dug by hand! If you ever want to feel the stress try doing that with a crew of shovel wielding contractors watching you. Then have your boss not bother using the electronic detector because he said "your more accurate".

To this day I have never missed a pipe, but I still don't feel comfortable doing it, I like electronics, probably the engineering degree. I don't think it has anything to do with belief. I do think it has to do with skin resistivity (use a ohm meter, mine is about 14 Meg which is really high), and magnetic and electric fields. I have had a thought about using wires with coils (electro magnets) around them hooked to batteries but never tried it.
I remember when my grandfather was picking a site to drill a well for his house he used dowsing. He took a Y-shaped branch off an apple tree and used that. I remember some spots it was so strong his knuckles were turning white trying to hold on to the stick. Sure enough, when the company came out to drill there was water at 26'. Pretty strange stuff, I have yet to give it a whirl.