found a bottle dump...

i have never really been into hunting bottles but as a friend and mine was hunting this morning we found a dump. i looked for a brief moment and found a older but not real old milk bottle with pet written on it with paint not embossed into the glass it has a old metal screw on cap so i figure value wasnt that great(brought it home anyways) but this dump is huge!!!

any suggestions as i will probably got back and hunt glass after i hunt the
figured that was probably a i will use my extrication gloves that should protect against stabs or cuts unless ya just get careless


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When I was a child living in West Virginia we had and old bottle dump on our land, well if we had known that they were worth $, we never would have thrown them against trees for fun. I'm still haunted by the thought of all the $ we could have had if we had only known. We were far from wealthy to say the least.