Found CW buttons with Prizm III

The Prizm III is not a bad detector, I just found 2 CW buttons with it the other day. You have to learn how to use the machine. Always use it at maximum strength, thats the only way for it to detect deep. Also, I get some false readings with it, that happens alot if you bang it on the ground or hit stiff grass. If you get a reading and you dig and nothing is there, mostly likely it is still in the hole. Dig another inch down and you'll probably find it. Keep the detector low and level and it will work the best.


TQ Ambassador
The Prizm III was the first detector I ever owned. My wife bought one for me back in 2005 when I first got in to metal is still one of my all time favorite machines and I still use mine often. Congrats on your CW finds!
My first detector was a Prizm II. I still have it and my wife uses it when we go out on trips. I've found some good stuff with it. I never got many false readings using it on account of the small coil I'm thinking. I think the other models have a larger coil. Glad you found some good loot with it.