Found in dump site...

This is one of the bottles I found,,, thinking it is a wine bottle. The other bottle has a push up bottom also but is a very odd color green, almost a brownish green look. This bottle is a aqua color differnet. Tried to research on the internet but have not found any information on these, "Any Ideas?"


What is the design on the fron of the bottle

Looks like there is a raised glass design on the front of the bottle, what is it? Any numbers, markings at all? Agree, it looks like a wine bottle, but ?


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Looks like an alcohol bottle and I believe that area on the bottlom is referred to as a pontil and has to do with the way the bottle is made.


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Ive been digging bottles for close to 3 years. I know some of them, but there are so many its a BIG area. I mainly collect sodas/milks/meds. Or if I dig something neat I keep it.