Found THIS a few years ago in thrift shop

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Yeah, I know that this is old news, but it CAN and did happen. Wife and I were in a thrift shop in a small Va. town, and they had recently been given an old estate. This crock had just been put out with a 20.00 tag on it. At the time, I was not familiar with the maker, but even though it had a couple of hairline cracks, I bought it and put it on fee-bay. It sold for 6800.00! Made by Henry Loundes of Petersbug, Va. in 1841. I have since seen one just like it on the Antiques Roadshow. Some of these have turned-up in North Carolina. These pics show my wife pointing to the hairlines and were e-bay pics that I saved.



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Wow...that was an awesome did great on that one...thanks for posting that...Chuck...:grin::grin::grin::grin: