Fully recharged batteries only getting 11

on the battery power...brand new energizer 2400Mah fully charged only read 11 on my MXT, while a set of regular energizers read a 12 on battery power.....anyone else experiance this?


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I have yet to use the rechargeable battery pack that came with my DFX...I've just always preferred to use Energizers or Duracells...what DOES amaze me is how much drain the headphones put on batteries...


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I have with other equipment. It seems that rechargeables tend to be 1.4 or 1.3 instead of 1.5 volts. If you look on the actual battery you may see this. They do still last just as long as any rechargeable but rechargeables don't last as long as regular alkline batteries just part of the rechargeable problem. ICE
Thanks guys, I always carry a spare pack of batteries, and I find I am getting around 30 hours hunt time before I recharge or change batteries, I always change them at 8. I havent noticed any significant drain as far as headphones go, I am using Gray Ghost deep woods, and also a DX-1 probe.
I use 2600 mah ni mh, in my mxt, get 11 volts at full charge, run them for about 20 hours of use, recharge when they drop below 10, works for me !! I'm not buyin alkalines ever again, sure you get 12 volts at startup, but the mxt is designed to run on anywhere from 12 to 8 volt minimum (low battery)