G2 for relics


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If I am not mistaken isn't this the new unit by Teknetics[SIZE=+2][/SIZE] ? I have not read much on it?

We just added a new sponsor that sells Teknetics. May want to call him? Beale.
Havent used the G2 much for relics. Mainly coins in trash.

I can tell you it and its Fisher sister the Gold Bug Pro are hands down THE SMOOTHEST running machine in iron I have EVER seen. Search other forums. Getting rave reviews about it. I love mine!! Gets coins in trash all my other machines miss!!:bow::bow::bow:
Yes, So far I have been very impressed with the depth! Of course its not F-75 LTD deep but not much is.

For coins it seems to really lock on to them well. Even in trashy iron. Its gonna be a keeper for me!
Any questions just holler!
Forgot to add.... You can really crank the sensitivity up on both machines and not suffer EMI issues like some of the other deep machines!

Hit me up if you need to know prices.
Love the g2 from just the little ive used it. I sold my mxt pro so i can use these tek machines awhile. I also have the omega. So we will see how great i think they are.