Garrett’s Sea Hunter Mark II

Sea Hunter Mark II's are the first and only PI machines I have ever owned. So, while I cannot give a comparison review, I have owned the machine for quite a while. I feel confident that I can talk about the machine’s pros and cons.

First, a little background: When I began metal detecting several years ago I wanted to focus on water hunting, primarily salt-water surf. With the funds available I picked up a used Sea Hunter Mark II. I had no experience, but the former owner showed me how to set it up and off I went. Fast-forward a few years. I’m now on my second Sea Hunter and I have land hunting machines as well. The bonus: They were both paid for by my water finds.

Sea Hunter Mark II.
No leaks
Easy to use.
Built like a tank (except headphone wires).
Great battery life.
Multiple set-ups for a variety of hunting styles.
Good depth.

No discrimination for iron (no matter what the knob says).
Headphone wires are prone to break.
No volume control.

I dig everything in the water, you just never know what’s down there. The Sea Hunter is a Pulse Induction machine. Regardless of what the knobs say, it does not discriminate between a coin or a piece of iron (I’ve never been able to get the discrimination the instructional video shows). That means it picks up everything. For some people that is a major con, for me it’s a pro. Its tones will give you a decent idea of depth. Be forewarned though, if you buy this machine you will have to get used to digging a bobby pin or pull tab, usually in a boiling surf, and lose it several times and have to find it again. You’ll do that just to see what it is. That is the nature of water hunting and PI’s.

The Sea Hunter doesn’t offer any short-cuts to this process. It just works very well as the means to accomplish it. That is why I recommend it as an intro to the method. Machines with similar capabilities cost nearly twice as much, and if you find out that water hunting is not for you, then you are out that money.

Keep in mind that surf hunting is a completely different animal than land hunting. It requires a different skill set and is relatively physically demanding. The frustration level can be much higher, but the pay-offs can be phenomenal. Ninety-nine percent of the time I am the only person hunting the water, while multiple hunters are scouring the beach’s blanket-line. When the conditions are good, gold and silver are the rewards. Happy hunting!

If you are curious why I had to buy a second machine, my first one got backed-over by a mini van. :yikes:


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King Bee;

Interesting info you provided...thanks. I'm looking at this md right now myself. If you see this post, please PM me when you online...I'm curious to know about the headphone thing and what is your opinion of the 1 yr warranty from Garrets on this md. I currently use a Ace 250 and am pleased beyond belief...I have no h2o experience, yet live near the sunny humid Florida beaches. I'm also looking at the White's Surf Pro PI, Tesoro Sand Shark and my buddy here is about to receive an Infinium this I will see how he does with his new 'toy' One last thing, is $550 a good price for this new...? Thanks and hope to hear from ya soon...



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Good write up! Thanks.

No PI can discriminate worth a hoot no matter what anyone says! It's how they detect that makes it all but impossible.

Some unites can reduce some Iron targets, ( REDUCE ) that's about it.

As for the Volume control, There has to be a way around that one. :bthumb:


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Sea Hunted mark 2

Sea Hunter Mark 2
My take -- It's heavy on the land . But very manageable in the water.
I run discrimination around 4 1/2 -- With the volume very low . I don't think you could go wrong buying this Md. Well anyway thats my take -- Graw
Garrett Sea Hunter MK II

I had one but traded it for a Fisher 1280X. Why? I don't hunt saltwater only fresh water lakes. I needed the discrimination proviced by the 1280X. If I had hunted saltwater I would have kept it. I found a lot of clad and a couple of rings with mine, but I was not prepared to dig a foot for a pulltab and they are thick around inland beaches. The Seahunter had extremely good depth and would pick up very small targets at depth that others might miss. I would recommend it for saltwater hunting and it is even a good dryland unit for relics if the box is belt mounted. Alf


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Run over by a Mini-van!:shock: That would do in any detector. Discrimination is hit and miss with a PI, unlike VLF units like the Excal. I know what I'm going to find in my scoop better than 90% of the time, with the PI it's always a surprise, sometimes even a good surprise.
The newer PI's give a little more feedback than the old Sea Hunters did and White's new TDI may approach the level of a VLF machine, unfortunately it's not set up for use underwater; at least not yet.:icon_roll

Thanks for the report on a machine you don't hear much about anymore.

water hunting

Hey kingbee, kinda new to the site, I have only used Tesoro's and this will be my first year in the water, I will only be doing fresh water detecting cause I live right on lake erie. What would you buy a Tesoro Tiger Shark or a Garrett Sea Hunter? Thanks for any insight you might have! Dave
I have a couple of Excals and an LS but the Sea Hunter caught my interest and I thought why not. Gave it a run today on a beach that had 5 other hunters in the water when we got there and another came as we started-in other words it is hammered 24-7. I had been fooling with the discrimination with various rings, tabs caps and can slaw and decided to just eliminate the slaw. The Gulf has been very cold so new drops yet and the targets were few. At least NO CAN SLAW. I did manage to get this nice stud which was down very very deep.(4 U that have a PI U know what that means) It is marked 875 & looks like 1/2 C IMHO the Sea Hunter is a keeper:bthumb:


Nice job Pete, that just shows you never know what you have until it cleaned up. When you showed me after we came out of the water I think you will agree we both thought it was junk.

And I have to agree on the right beaches the sea hunter and LS are awesome machines...

BTW my gold earring turned out to be junk :rofl:
Great Info, Thanks

April 2009 I Bought my step-dad and myself an Ace 250 so we could go detecting together. The ground is so hard here in South Houston ( No Rain Long Time) we now head to Galveston, Texas to do our searching. Step-dad and Girlfriend have no desire to get in the Gulf with the Sea Creatures. So my Girlfriend will get to use my Ace 250, My Step-dad his Ace 250 in the Dry Sand/Towel Line area and I am Getting the Garrett Sea Hunter Next Week (7/16) to do my searching in the Water. IT'S TIME TO GET WET!!!!!!
The owner of MD Store I purchase from is on Vacation in the Middle of The Guadalupe River doing some MDing himself and won't be back home till 7/16.:banghead: I Know Patience Is A Good Thing.:banghead:
Some friends have the Excal and highly recommend it, but I am Extremely happy with my Ace 250 (on Dry Sand) and the reviews I Have read about the Sea Hunter Mark 2 (and Price Comparison) Have me sold on the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2.
We are Keeping it in the Family and with all (3) of us searching the beach, I have a feeling That Some Of The Galveston Locals Aren't going to be to happy with us. :lol:
Thanks To All for Posting your thoughts on the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2.

Thanks for all the replies and I'm glad to see other SHMKII hunters out there. It's a machine I never see around here. I don't know why, it works great. But, I hardly ever see water hunters here either. Anyways, I'm getting it dusted off since I'm back from deployment and going to hit the water soon. I'm hoping to put it through some serious underwater paces now.
yo KB

From the land of the a long time user of the Seahunter MK2 I totally agree with your post.

Miss my old Seahunter XL150 which was also a great machine but man was it heavy!