Garrett 1500 question


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I got it from my friend that he sell it to me. He bought a new 2500. I test front yard and got 1972 quarter! I went out to small old park for one hour but I dont find anything. I think this park is very quite and few people but old park. Maybe silver coins out there ....never know.
I got Vibra-phone 280 for my 1500 and it is work very good! I can feel vibra when coil close to coin. Pointer work great.

My question is I test 7 junk metals and penny, dime and nickle in my clean small area in my backyard. Nothing is nail and few iron is great. I noticed that target is not very accurate on coins. Is it because of sensitvity is too high? My set up is 6 that work good for my vibra phone. BIG question is size! I checked all coins is size B is great but my Hot Wheel car is 25 cents but size B! It should be bigger than size B! ......?

My set up is

Sensitivity 6
Thresh 4-5
Freq 2
Volume 7
Tone 9.5 Its pretty high but just right for my vibra-phone.

I like to hear from you and Thank you!