Garrett GTXa 500 metal detectors


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Found A set of Garrett GTXa 500 metal detectors on Craigslist.
$400 for both. is that a good price and are they good for beginners.



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I would not want that one.

That model is too old.

The plastic on those is so old it is failing.

This is usually worst around the battery
housing. It has been a problem with those
for years now. The battery housing is hard
to fuss with. I know. I had one three years
ago. It was falling apart then.

That is a lot of money for a metal detector
that is used and has no ground balance.

You could get much more for your money.

A new Vaquero only cost $420.

But, do as you like,


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I agree with Tabdog on this. I've owned one, and I've also owned an Ace 250, which is MUCH more modern. I bought my Ace 250 NEW for 199.00 and that was with NO tax, and free shipping! If you can get an Ace for the same price, I'd say that would be the best. They are excellent machines.
My 1st MD was the GTX500 and still use it today 15 yrs later. I have found lots of coins with it. You're right about the battery packs,you can get them from Kellco really cheap. I have been using the GTAX1250 now which has about 20% more power than the 500. Good luck!