Garrett Pin Pointer Pro-whats the problem?

I just bought a new Garrett Pin Poiner Pro and I have a whites V3I. The problem I am having is that the Garrett pointer will not ground balance when I turn it on. The Garrett directions say to push the switch once and it will turn on and I will hear two Beeps. I have tried this and on many attemps, I have to turn it on and NO two Beep are heard. I then turn it off and turn it on again and NO two Beeps are heard. I may have to do this 3 or 4 times or more and then I will get the two Beeps and it will work just fine. However, when I test it in my house, it will work great each time. If I lay it on the ground while digging and start to try it again, It will stop working and I will have to start over. Then again, I will have to turn it on 2 or 3 times or more to get it to start working . I have ckecked the battery and it is new and ok? What is up with this new probe? Anyone else having this problem. Please let me know??


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I have a Garrett Pro Pointer and I didn't know it ground balanced. I turn mine on to find the target and turn it back off when I've found it. I don't think its meant to be left on for long periods of time though. I can lay mine down, dig the target, and then turn it off without any problems. I'm not sure I understand what your asking.


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i have seen them in ground balance..just turn it on, white light comes on and 2 beeps........its ready to i can tell you. i run a vibra-probe....


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I use my pro Pointer every time I hunt & have had no problems so far & it is pretty tough , I dropped it several times . Maybe try calling Garrett & speak with a tech .


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Same here ...
on the turns itself off sometimes problem .... sometimes the battery get lose for some reason and will break contact. You may need to put something between the cap and the battery to keep the pressure on the contacts. I think some battery cases are just a tad smaller than others maybe.
I called Garrett today. I was told that it will balance itself when you first turn it on~Two Beeps. What they did was told me how to reset it. You remove and reinstall the battery, then push the button switch and hold it for 4 seconds. This resets the unit. Then turn it off and then back on and you should be good to go. we'll See.

Majak, What was happening was that I would turn it on and would not get the two Beeps and had to turn it off and on again. I would turn it on and off many times and still would not get the two Beeps. I might have to turn it on and off 4 to 7 times or more untill I would get the two beeps.

I will tell you if Garrett's fix was right or not. I am thinking the switch is bad or the probe is interfereing with the V3i program mode ot the wireless head set?


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Hope this works out..if not, tell them and send it back..I have had mine for a number of years and it still works great..Please keep us informed on what it does...Chuck......:)

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I've noticed with mine that often, I have to hold the on button for a couple of seconds before it will turn on and give the two beeps. If I just push it and release, it will come on while the button is down, make no beeps, and turn off as soon as I let go of the button. So now, I make sure to hold that button for a second or so to get it to stay on. It has always been like that, but it works fantastically.


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Mine works like it should I guess, no problems with it. Garrett is your best bet to get it fixed, could of been hurt during shipping....let us know! Good luck!:)
I have tried Garrett's reboot fix. It is still doing the same thing. Yes super 64, that is exactly what it is doing. The probe works great no question. But it is hard sometimes to get it to turn on. You are suppose to press the switch once and hear the two beeps then you are ready to go~not so. Sometimes it takes 4 to 7 tries in turning it on and off to get it to work properly. Then again at other times it will start right up on the first try?
I had a long talk with the Whites dealer today!! He had a spare Garrett ( new one) in his shop. He turned on the Garrett and a new Whites V3i. Once he turned both units on, there was nothing but interferance between both units. As a matter of fact he ended up re booting the Garrett unit. The other new garrett was doing the same as thing as the one he sold me. It appears that the Whites Detector doesnt work well with the Garrett Pinpointer Pro. He also tried using it along with a differant Whites unit and the same thing happened. Gary and I have looked at the problem tring to narrow it down to what could be causing the problem. Can it be the wireless head phone or the 3 bands of the Whites unit (22.5, 7.5 or 2.5) interfering with the Garrett band (12) ? I am not a tech guy so this is un-nerving for me. The dealer said he would give me my money back for the Garrett. But. I ready wish I could fix this problem with the Garrett pin pointer because I like it very much. If I cant get the Garrett to work properly, I might try the Pistol Pro Probe. Does anyone know anything about the Pistol Pro working with the V3I. Does anyone know anything at all about fixing this problem? I am at a loss here and need some help.


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For sure the Garett Pinpointer pro interferes with the V3i. I can hear interference from TK's probe the moment he turns it on from 10 feet away through my V3i headphones.
I have tried some suggestions. I know one thing is that is it the Garrett is working. Its the V3I D2 coil that is interfereing. When I put the 5" Excelerator Pro coil on yesterday NO interference at all with the White (Whites was left on). I still need to test and make some changes (other suggestions) with the D2 coil to see if I have a solution. So far, one solution is to press the menu before I probe. I am a little disappointed that the Whites D2 coil will not work. But a different manufactured coil will work with it. What up with that Whites?? But to be fair, I still have to field test & off set the bands and see if that will stop the problem?? let you know.


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As for Ground Balancing the Pinpointer,
You can do this,
Hold the tip to the ground and then turning it on.
But for the most depth,
Hold the tip in the air and turn it on.
Guess I'm one of the lucky ones cause my new Garrett Pin-Pointer Pro works great.
I use it with my AT Pro......
These eyes of mine aren't as good as they use to be, so it's a must when I'm digging targets.
Except for gold, everything appears to be the same color as the surrounding dirt.

A close is your coil to the hole when you are using the Garrett ?
Maybe just push it off to the side a little more.........
I just dont understand!!! After using the Garret PP for the last couple of weeks, it started to work perfect. No interference at all! The only thing I did is put the new 5" excelerator coil on and change the loop setting. After using the 5" coil for awhite, I put the 10" D2 coil back on and changed the loop setting? I dont get it?? All I know is the Garrett PP work great Now. go fig!!!


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Congrats. on the fix of the problem with the pro pointer. Garrett has a wonderful product in this alone. You'll be glad in the long run that you kept it and was patient in pursuing this problem and correcting it. WTG


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I ground balance mine that way by against the ground or in the air. Only problem I have ever had was the foam between the cap and the battery came off causing a bad contact and rattling. A little bit of foam back in there fixed it.