Garrett Pro Pointer video - Get more depth from your pin pointer

does this trick have to be used with a id'd coin or will any coin work?

example: id a dime do i have to use a dime on the shaft? or will any coin work to find the target

pin pointer

It seems to me that would not help. If you use the detector to pin point then dig i dont think you need 4 inches. That is not what its designed for. 1" to 2" seems to be more efficient for " PIN POINTING " :confused: DA!!!


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If you use the detector to pin point then dig i dont think you need 4 inches.
I agree with that. I have tried that trick and it does work and the lady at garrett said that all detectors will do that. My hardest thing is finding a coin when it is still in the hole and it is picking up signals from the side of the pointer... Heck if your looking for a PIN POINTER that gets 4-6" depth the why not just mount it on a stick with duct tape and save all that money on those high dollar detectors !! But other than that this was the best purchase I have ever made :grin:
For those who may not have a TID machine to give a general guide to go by when digging their plug or simply new to the hobby and still getting used to the art of digging a target, a deeper pin pointer can't hurt. Example you dig a 4 inch deep plug, you hit the hole with your probe nothing, you hit your plug with the probe nothing. Did you miss with your pin pointing from your detector dig to shallow or is it 2 inches in middle of your plug somewhere. You either pick your detector up and re sweep the hole and plug to find out or with a deeper pin pointer you know. For those who have been at it awhile you usually hit within a couple inches of where your target is. For some of new to the hobby who haven't quite perfected the art yet 2 inches can be a mile and frustrating at times especially until you get the hang of it.

I personally have the Cen Tech Harbor freight pin pointer, I'm out of funds for now and make do with it, after I get some more cash I'll invest in a Pro Pointer or Pistol Probe. I've experienced what I describe above and it's frustrating not finding your target in the hole or plug and getting back up re sweeping the hole and plug especially after doing it several times over a several hour hunt especially for those who may have back trouble or knee trouble. Different strokes for different folks, some like a deeper probe some don't.
It's good to know the trick works. Just another option for tight spots or when all else fails! Luckily, so far I have had no problem pinpointing nails, broken wire, scrap iron, horeshoes, and other low value targets. It will still be handy advice if needed! Thanks for sharing. John
Deep seeking is held as a liability with the Pistol Probe, yet there is interest in increasing the depth capability of the Pro-Pointer.
That just is the funniest thing-
more depth form Pro-Pointer

2 points:

First, I think the extra couple of inches can help a lot in certain instances. For example, when in a manicured lawn area, it helps to find a deeper target quickly so you can dig a smaller hole. When using a coil like the D2, the more accuracy you can muster the better.

Second, I had a Pistol Probe, I did not think that it going deep was a liability, What I did not like about it was that it beepd immediately and unlike the ProPointer, it is hard to tell when you are right on the target since it does not change its idication like the PeoPoiner. Both good pinpointers, just a mater of choice.

My first choice would be the SunRay probe, but I did not like the cable or the extra weight.


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I get about one and half inches out of my ProPointer which is more than enough. Before we dig, we usually probe the ground with it to see if it gets a signal. If it does we know the target is just under the surface or is buried up in the grass. Saves a lot of time.


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Very Interesting and like all things, I'm sure it will help in certain situations to different folks so it's a good thing.
To Pinpoint 2" or 4"... That is The Question. :grin:
Don't own a Pro-Pointer Yet but have used them and they are Great !


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Here is a video describing a technique you can use to get more depth from your Garrett Pro Pointer.
Thanks for the tip! I make use of all the advantages I can get in the field. Sometimes the rusty nail off to the side of the hole can throw me for a loop. I'll try this method next time,before I dig a great big gaping hole in the lawn. Sometimes the target is deeper and other times it is hiding in my oversized plug. I've been at this for a while now and for the most part I can recover my target successfully without damaging it and without compromising someone's yard, but there's that every once in a while when a tip like this might be just the edge I'm looking for.:bthumb:
Cen-Tech too

Thought I would chime and say this trick works with the cheapie Harbor Freight model too. Holding the coin with the thumb is not possible so I just use a leftover plumbing part that slides over the coil and hold it in place with a rubber band. It does increase the dept some. (any "ring" will work. I didnt try a "gold" ring but it might be great. (It sure would increase the value of the pinpointer)

As a side note.. do not get carried away trying the retune the little "pot" in side to get more depth. . It says "cheap" right on it. It will only take a small amount of fiddling to open it up so it does not work at all. I had to dig into my parts supply and replace mine. So now I just use the "trick"

good hunting

Another choice on the Cen-tec is to use a very small hose clamp.
adjust it so it just slides up the coil but will stay exactly where you leave it. Then easy to hit signal and just back it off.

Looks pretty tacky but sure it does work.. adding distance to the pinpointer.



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it works with any coin for any target. it helps a lot when the battery are getting low to. i found that if you don't want to pickup a nail for example while dig in a site that has a lot of nails:banghead: just hold the nail next to the pinpointer and it will discriminate it out:multi:.