Getting nervous and inviting some opinions

Hi ya people again
The other day I was at a friends store doing a lot of BSing. Things led one to the other and the subject of dowsing came up. The guy is as about as full of it as I am at times but this one got me to wondering. He took his L rods and proceeded to give me a very convenceing demo on the art of dowsing. Then I came home and cranked the internet up and got on here and studied Bert Bert's lessons on dowsing and made my own L rods. I got them to work just like my friend did. Then I got to reading the part on the Pendellums. And I made one and played with it . This time it blew my mind.
This is the part that is bugging me to no end. There is a story here , that there is a burried cache of silver coins hidden by robbers from many years ago and no one has found it or some dont even the story is much more than a story. I copied a map off MS streets as to where the area is , and got the pendellum out and did some things with it . It started to swing an area on the map as I moved it accross the page then it abruptly stopped when I went past that spot. But when I came back accrosss that spot it started to go again then stopped when I went past going the other direction . I copied another map and zoomed in closer to the area. And repeated what I did with the first map, same thing in the same area then stopped when I went past. And started again as with the first one then stopped going the other way when I went past it . I took the map and pendellum in where the wife was sitting and tried it and nothing. This morning while she was asleep I made another map and tried again. As was with last night the same thing. It started to move when I came to the same area. Now what should I do ????. Drive up there and get out and really do some treasure hunting or dismiss it as a dumb thing? The area is in another state and in a National Forest and I am not familiar with the area. There is no archeological site there . No civil war area. Being on a National Forest I dont think its Indian ground. But I am sure getting curious to what to do


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It could be that it didn't work with your wife there because you really need full concentration. I would go for it and practice a whole lot before you go. Maybe you could talk to Bert-Bert once he's all healed up.
I've played with L-rods before, and they indeed do something... as for using them to look for treasure, I'm not so sure, but your deal does sound intriguing...

I'd say go for it!
Knowing what I saw and the way things happened last night it does make me nervous to no end. After I played with the pendellum a few times I asked to watch like I said. It didnt work as well but it did make her step back a few feet from me while all was happening. Made her raise her eyesvbrows and take notice. This place is about 40 miles from me , I think in the morning I will load everything up and take a drive.
The story goes that a band of robbers burried a half bushell basket full of silver dollars they stole a long time ago and burried them along side of the road. The road now is a combo of state , county, forest road. I dont know where or how to go and ask permission , so just take my chance since its in the National Forest.
My biggest worry , what if all this is correct and I do find the cache ?? ,
Hope you try to get permission, Forestry can get you in alot of trouble, I've heard alot of bad story's. But don't tell them its treasure, just tell them You want to detect for coins. Good Luck
You can also send Pappy a pm. He knows about Pendulums
you gotta beleive

ok,, heres what i think i'd do,,,load up the car maps,, metal det., rods, pend. water lunch,,
and go metal detect the area and surrounding areas ,,if you dont find a target write it off,,if you do then your in the money,,either way,,dowsing works,,,i've seen it,i read about it from readers here,,i beleive ,,,,,,


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leesumm, if you want to put a x on the map while dowsing try this. take the pendiluim and put over one side of the map and tell the swing in a straight line toward the target, which is the buried treasure you are seeking. then when it is swinging in a straight line over the map you draw a line from that edge of the map to the other side , using the same path of the swinging pendulem. then go to the bottom or top of the map and do the exact same thing. where the lines cross ,x marks the spot. this is how to fing a general spot or area to search. practice this until you are good at it and you will find treasure. catbird


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Check it out! See what it looks like.

Google Earth it and see what you can see!

Any old Trails!


Weird Rock Formations?



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this sounds intriguing...i might give that a try for some areas out here with stories of buried caches. forget the why's...if it works, it works! i hope it does and wish you luck.


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let me see if i got this right. Your useing a paper map and a Pendellum to find somthing hidden?? your kidding right?
Thats is envoking supernatural powers; which only comes from one place..I be very carful with the toys that your fiddling with. Beside Im sure your not the only one thats ever tried such a method. If it really worked we would have Osama Bin laden and the Noah ark, or the the Ark of the Covenant to name a few.. maybe it only works on treasure...
try fort knox.. see it any thing happens.


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I'd definately be careful though! I dont know much about it, But I would strongly recommend you research that property fully before you head out there! Either way... Best of luck!
Boggles the mind, sometimes...

I was just joking around when I picked up a forked stick at a former apartment complex where I was in maintenance. The plumbers had followed a map that had the cleanout on one side of the building but they could not locate it. Four buildings were completely stopped up. Walking along the concrete adjacent to the lawn, the stick suddenly ripped downwards, tore the bark and some of my skin. The other maintenance worker was laughing until he plunged a sharpshooter in the ground and "clank!" he hit the cleanout. As a believer, I struggle with the question of occult or gift.:confused:


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o00oo0oo now if you looking for water? or a water source.... that is science.... useing rods and/or a forked branch.

Yes some folks hid stuff useing this method, Id believe that... :smile:



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I guess we dont know if it worked because:
1-either he found it and moved on with his life
2- the authorities found out and arrested him or
3- to embarrassed to post that dowsing is a joke....


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I have to say that I dont put it past the stick for water.....
My mother in law bought this hillbilly rain stick and it really works....

The stick is to be put on the wall and it tells you when it is going to rain....
it will hang down if nothing and if it going to rain it goes up.....weirdest thing I have seen....