Getting nervous and inviting some opinions


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Be careful, I've heard that just having an detector in your vehicle on Federal land can get you in big trouble. Try if you want to get permission, but I don't know if you can. If not, leave the detector at home. I would definitely make the trip though, if the dowsing and pendulum can work on the map, get the site narrowed down the best you can, go there and let the sticks guide you, if the coast is clear get out the shovel :lol:!

Kenny, I had a rain stick I bought up in Maine as a souvenir, nothing magical about it, it's like the leaves on some trees before rain, affected by the humidity or barometric pressure.


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The spainish called them dip needles. They sure found a lot of gold and had a lot of mines. I know I can do it but haven'y tried map dowsing yet.


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I'd go check it out and see what you find, that's why it is called treasure hunting. Personally I wouldn't share this with someone else. Having someone else dowse the same treasure map proves nothing but if there is some treasure up there waiting to be discovered why share it with someone else? Or worse, go up there and find out that they beat you to the loot.:banghead:
Check out the area indicated and if there is nothing there then at least you had the adventure of the hunt, if you do find a bunch of old silver then stash it away someplace safe until you can figure out a way of doing something with this loot - discretely.:pcool:
o00oo0oo now if you looking for water? or a water source.... that is science.... useing rods and/or a forked branch.

Yes some folks hid stuff useing this method, Id believe that...:smile:


Lol...have to agree with you!
nervous and some opinions

As was stated get some dowsers on this forum to dowse the area and then go to the site and dowse it, If it's on federal land you will need to check it out and get it pinpointed way before u dig as if u are found with a shovel etc on forest land its the jail house for ya and a fine.I have one here in sw mo and is to be some gold coins about 30 feet off the blacktop road running thru the forest, have had it dowsed and used the poloroid camera thing also but we here in missouri have federal people that run the roads for people like me that want to detect and the 4 wheelers that rip the place apart.One of my friends has been caught detecting twice with a stern warning (he is a preacher) i=on the forest land looking for it,next time time they said it was free bed and breakfast for a while plus a make sure u get it pinpointed first. I don't think the feds would ever let u dig but if u get permission dont let the feds know where its at,as they will take it first and leave u hanging.I have 3 leads here in my forest but cant touch them so on to another cache site. Wish you well.
I for one, sure would like to know the result of this.

Some short reply would be nice:

Went and looked but did not find anything.
Did not have time to look.
Gave up on it.
Looked and found the treasure.

You know something simple. :icon_roll

Just curious.

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Boggles the mind, sometimes...

I was just joking around when I picked up a forked stick at a former apartment complex where I was in maintenance. The plumbers had followed a map that had the cleanout on one side of the building but they could not locate it. Four buildings were completely stopped up. Walking along the concrete adjacent to the lawn, the stick suddenly ripped downwards, tore the bark and some of my skin. The other maintenance worker was laughing until he plunged a sharpshooter in the ground and "clank!" he hit the cleanout. As a believer, I struggle with the question of occult or gift.:confused:
It is occult most definitely. (Hosea 4:12)