gold bug se or gold bug pro


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hey does any one know the difference between the special edition and the pro

i know theirs a price difference is that it.

thank for the help


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Gold Bug SE or Gold Bug PRO?

They are the same ,the SE cost $499 while you can still find one .And Pro is same as SE but a different name and higher price.$650.They stopped making SE version.The DP is same as PRO but cost 150 more because it only comes with 11" coil. So if you want a SE grab one while you can,its same as PRO with the 5" coil, but lower price.:wavey:


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Gold Bug SE or Gold Bug PRO?

In fact I just ordered Gold Bug SE and its on its way I got it for $499 and with the 3 software in it:duel:
Gold Bug

Hi, I use to hunt for gold in AZ. The higher freg. .71 will work to find fine gold. The Se only has .19 it will find larger gold bug 11 will fine any gold both large and fine.