gold in WA state


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Hi everyone,

I have never been gold prospecting but would like to try my hand at it, purely for fun. I used to do some metal detecting in Georgia but mostly for civil war relics.

I now live on the Skykomish river in WA state. Sometimes I live in the river (during floods we have had our house totally surrounded by flood waters where I had to canoe to land to get to work). House is safe so far because it is on a high concrete foundation. Anyway, I knew that there was some gold activity in my area in the late 1800s. There is even a town a few miles upstream from our house named Gold Bar, named after a bar on the river where some amount of placer? gold was found. There is a ghost town up past Index called Monte Cristo which also I believe had some gold mining activity.

What is the best way to get your toe in the water, so to speak, here in WA state? All I ever find when I brush through some gravel around the bank at my home is very gold looking flakes that crumble into smaller flakes and also seem to be non-conductive. I am assuming this is some sort of mica and it would be nice to see what actual gold in the pan looked like.


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Hello KTP welcome to TQ from KY do some research if you get the outdoor channel watch prospectin america lot of info good luck. Howard


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Hello and welocme to TQ..................Nice to meet you...........:wavey:

I would try Lots of great infomation on the website about Gold Prospecting. Let us know how well you do on the river............Doug :bthumb:


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I will also welcome you here..As for the gold questions..Homefire, Gettindusty and Diggsnw hunt for the gold...They will be able to answer your questions on this...Buster...:wave:


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I am over in Sultan, WA on the Skykomish river.

I am interested in trying out prospecting on the Sultan river or somewhere around here but am still trying to figure out exactly what that entails. I had originally hoped there were some public areas on the Sultan you could pan...
welcome 2 TQ

Your actually in a very good area ,,,Snohomish county is know for its placer gold,,as so the rivers that you mentioned,,as for an area,,i'm not sure how far your are from gold basin and the stillaguamish river but thats a known placer gold producing area,,as for equiptment,,start off small a good gold pan (14" pro pan) and a shovel,,2 -5 gal buckets and your off and running,,,,
give me alittle more info on where your at and i'll see if i can find a good area,,also in wa you must carry a current washington gold and fish book anywhere in wa,,contact your local ranger district,,also a good resource for locations to dig,,
I lived in Washington state for 38 years... Was born and raised there... The best place i ever found for looking for gold was the little klickitat river and or the little naches river... Both places for me was a good place to pan but watch out for Rattle snakes... there's a bunch of them... If you would like to know more about the western part of Washington state... send me a massage... HH


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Thanks for the responses! As to where I am, I live about 1/2 mile upriver on the Skykomish from where the Sultan river dumps into it. Just inside the city limits of Sultan. Pretty much anything within a 30 mile drive of Sultan is what I am interested in, since I want to pan on daytrips during the weekdays (weekends are tied up sailing).

I just sent my check and application to join the Washington Prospectors Mining Association, a club in this area that supposedly has some claims on the Sultan river for it's members. I am told the whole Sultan river is claimed, but I can't see how that is remotely possible as the amount of land involved would be tens of thousands of acres...

By the way, can you carry a printout of the gold and fish manual or does it have to be the actual official copy?