Good Info???

This was posted on another forum.Thought I would put it here also.Do not know if this could affect other units or not.Anyway,

A couple of months ago I purchased a etrac and was off to seek my I have had several detectors and I am not even really sure why I bought the etrac. Anyway, I hunted some of my usual haunts and was comming up short, I thought. What broke the camels back was finding an indian head penny with my m-6 in an area of my yard that I had gone over with the etrac a few days before. This prompted me to plant my first ever coin garden. All items and coins were approximately 6 inches deep and I made sure to face the coins up so they couldn't be missed. The etrac had a hard time finding all items at 6 inches which included silver 10, 25, 1.00, indian head and wheat penny, gold and silver ring, some tokens and a few other items. I talked with Minelab and they took the machine in for repair. A week has passed and I again talked with the minelab rep and the service tech on the phone. They are sending the etrac back to me and they have adjusted the smart screen to help with US coins and such. Seems the etrac is sent out with a program to find coins in Great Britian is what I think he said and they have to delete a few boxes which will hide some US coins. The tech stated that the machine is locating silver at 10 inches now and if there is any other problems to give them a call. So I guess what I'm saying is if there is anybody that is having a similar problem with the etrac. It is what seemed to be an easy fix, just had to do without it for about 10 days.