Google Earth Image?

Can a google earth image be dowsed? I have a around here somewhere idea of where the place is I am looking for. I am looking for some coins either gold or silver. I am not chasing a story I am looking for a fact. I know they are here I know who put them here I know why he threw them here. But I cant pinpoint the exact place because they where thrown. They have been in this place for almost 5 to 6 years.​


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Yes it can and I hope to have a video of just that very soon under the Dowsing Forum. You can dowse the map directly on your computer.


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We will help you as soon as I can get the video onto the forum...Please be patient and I will have it on as soon as possible. You may want to view the pendulum dowsing video already on the Home Page of TQ and dowsing would be the same for the computer.
Google Earth Map Dowsing

Earlier this past week my friend Boobie showed me the map dowsing pendelums that Bert-Bert designed. He had spent several days down south with Pappy & Bert-bert last weekend. Boobie than put the cemetary that we were going to on the pc and proceeded to dowse it. It was interesting to see how the rod worked. Believe me it worked and worked well.

The rod said there was silver in two separate places in the cemetary.
Since I had dowsed some targets on a map that I layed on my desk I had no doubts that we would find something.

later that day Boobie and I went to the cemetary and detected. A short while later he found a silver dime where the dowsing rod dipped.

I had been working the other side when for some reason I drifted along an old road in the cemetary and thought perhaps someone got off their buggy or car and may have lost something. Well I came up toward the bend in the road and got a solid hit down at 5 1/2 inches. I dug down and pulled out a Standing Liberty half dollar (No Mint Marks). I rechecked the hole and got no signal so I filled it in. I than got a signal about 4 -5 inches to the left at the same depth. I dug it and out popped a 1916 plain silver dime. I did not realize it untill Boobie come running over and told me this was were the dowsing rod said there would be silver. I looked around and sure enough I was almost into the bend of the road where the rod told us we would find silver.

Three pieces of silver found with the computer map dowsing and the Whites DFX, What a great team.

I am anxious to gather the materials and make myself a computor map dowsing rod. But for now I am going to print out a Google Earth map of the lake I am going to in the morning and try to pinpoint some golden treasures that slipped off a finger or two.

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Digging ia a cemetery

Yes it is legal around this area. I do not know about other states or local towns ordinances.

We have written permission permit's from the owner/manager to hunt several cemeterys. We also have a copy sent to the local police dept so they can verify our copy.

Of course one of the cemeterys benefits is that when we find a sunken metal grave marker we will dig it loose and pull it back up to ground level.
Than we leve a location number and name on the Marker.

You would be surprized how deep these 8" markers will sink after many years, thankfully they are large.

Yes it is extra work but it does have its rewarding results such as reading the stones and learning a little bit of history.

Have I ever found gold coins at the four corners of a grave??? No Never
I have come to believe this is a tall tail. Back in the 1800's no one would buried one gold coin let alone four.
My finds are usually where someone dropped it getting out of a wagon or off a horse along a road or path throughout the cemetery.

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how do you go about getting permission? also do you digg rite up to or over a grave?this sounds like it could pay off big there's alot of old grav'e near me. thanks for letting me know that.more info would be great!


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Well I found an old cemetary today, and got back in the back, and did some detecting. found two penny's one was 1916, the other was 1981. didd'nt do any dowsing was a spur of the moment thing.but I will go back!I also found grave marker's that sank down.but they where just marking where a plot was- nobody buried there.just potential plot.they were about 3" ovall shape with number's on them.just thaught Id share.
Bad Karma

Bad Karma Good Karma.... It is just superstition from where I do not know and I do not believe in. However everyone has his opinion, which is great.

Permission is obtained by going the cemetery office or finding the Board of Directors meeting and sell yourself to them.

I do not bother with Catholic or Jewish cemeterys only because I am of neither faith and so usually detect in public cemetery's. I have a friend who does quite well in a few church cemeterys only because it is his faith and he attends one and used that cemetery's permission to approach others.

I only dig on a grave if the signal is a good positive one. Also I cut a small plug about a 3 inch cube so I do not damage roots. Neatness always counts as your best seller of yourself.

If a burial comes along fill in your hole and get out of there immediately, you can return later.
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Dowsing works on anything!!!!

Which is how you should know it doesn't.
Exactly what is stopping you from collecting The one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event.

That challenge is still unclaimed since 1964 for one simple reason, proof.

Dowsing a map or GE would qualify.
Miss-information needs to be challenged. Our population has become too gullible. Read some peer-reviewed scientific journals for field test results.


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We all have our own opinions on what"s real and what's not. There are many things we are going to disagree on as well. However personal attacks are not allowed on this forum and will not be tolerated. If there are any more this thread will be closed to further posting.


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what personal attacks? maybe a posting had been removed....but if not i really dont see anything like that in this thread..
what personal attacks? maybe a posting had been removed....but if not i really dont see anything like that in this thread..
You are correct. No post was removed. This is an example of an indefensible position resorting to threats based on nothing.
I was simply pointing out how gullible some people are to think you can swing a piece of metal over a CRT screen and if you ask it to find what you want, it will.
If that sounds plausible to you, no amount of logic or facts (not opinion, real can be proven with fact) can repair the mental condition you have that limits your ability for rational thought like an intellectual ball and chain.

I understand the futility of using facts in this area of the Forum and I'm also aware the moderators will threaten me, or worse, for pointing out the obvious. The confused one who wrongly accused me won't be getting reprimanded despite blatantly stating any more pointing to logic or facts and "this thread will be closed to further posting."

Just exactly what is the purpose of this Forum if pointing to a factual, scientific, long term challenge of the Paranormal is met with hostility and threats?


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ok'll just say that i have no idea whether or not dowsing works. I have yet to see the proof, either way. I am going to give it a try myself in a bottledump that i have been finding silver dimes in while digging and sifting. I'll be dowsing and if i get positive readings, or any readings for that matter, i'll mark them then go back and dig/sift those spots to see. I'll post the process and results in the future in this thread. I say that this is an interesting topic, but not one that arouses emotions like thatof a previous member who seemed to take it a little far over the top with a totally baseles accusation. But that is just my opinion.