got a question for GT owners?

Hello I was wanting to know about the Sovereign GT. I was planning on buying one and using it off of the tones rather then getting the digital target id. Does anyone use it off of just tones? If so how good is it for coin shooting? Does it discriminate trash signals good?

I use it to my entire satisfaction.

I run it without a meter (beach hunter here), I feel the audio ID is excellent as it lets you hear sime alloys too.

The disc is excellent too, with no significant loss in detection depth.

Needs to be swept slowly in trash areas.

Bets beach detector I ever had.



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Steve, I don't have a GT but that is My NEXT Detector. I do swing a Wilson Coin Sellect and No meter on it. MOPO is that If Ya Learn the TONES on whatever your swingin then thats better then any VID. I've researched the GT ALOT Lately and Think that You will be very happy with It. I hear or Read Nothing but Good things on them.

Good Luck & HH !
I love my GT. Hunt all by tones. Learning the tones takes some time, but very easy to hear the difference. Defintiely swing slow in trash. The GT will reach right through it and show you the goods. GL & HH