"got my new mxt today"

Got my new mxt(e-series) today (sooner than i had planned on), "wow what a machine". (oh, i did trade in my one month old x-terra 30 on my new mxt. yes, i did like my x-30 very much, but knew i wanted to up-grade, and i was looking at the x-70, but i was made an offer by my whites dealer(the one i got my x-30 from) that i could not refuse. now i have a whole bunch more things to learn with this new machine....and i know i will enjoy every second of the learning process.
"good hunting" *Patrick*

PS: any help(hidden secrets about the mxt) from those who have an mxt, would be greatly appreciated.
again, "good hunting" *Patrick*
i use a mxt and 6000pro. the mxt is a little noisy. think about a 6x10 DD coil
that combonation is a winner.:bthumb: :bthumb: and hunt in relic mode// deep and more stable. read and reread the directions. its a hot unit.:bthumb:


Good luck with the new machine.
It is a good one when you learn what it is telling you.
:multi: :bthumb: :multi:​


I use and MXT, I like mine. I have the 4x6 DD for trash areas and it work very good..Also have the 6x10 I use it out on the beach and ball fields..works very good. If you would like to talk just send me a PM and I can call you.



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Very strong

you can move a bit faster, the pin point is dead on, Loves pull tabs. If it is there this machine will find it. you dont even have to be right over the target. you can just glance by it, as long as you are double checking beeps; you will cover a lot of ground. It will tell you the best target first of the many that may be in the same hole.

hope that helps some.


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Hey Patrick, should have stuck to upgrading to the XT70 :lol::lol::lol:
Good Luck with your choice, lots on here use the mxt. :wave: