Got some eye's


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Went fishing with a friend Saturday and we had a lot of fun. I was still rigging my lines up and my friend told me to get the net.:unsure::oops: He caught a real nice four or five pound Bass, but unfortunately it wasn't in season so back in it went. We got a few small Pike, what we call "hammer handles" that were under size. Finally nearer to dark the Walleye's started to hit. We came away with two "eye's" each. That is what I cooked for mothers day dinner, and they were outstanding. We finally had to quit as a storm front south of us was rolling trough and the wind really started howling.



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Think I'd skip the Hush puppie's.
Unless your Hush puppie's mean something different than shoes.
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Kind of like a fritter. Cornbread ball with chopped onion and fried. About the size of a golf ball and some people put other stuff In the also. In the U.S. it is more of a southern thing and we don't see them up in the north where I am. I have eaten them when traveling down south. Others may give a better example but this will get you started. They taste better than the shoes. :giggle: