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A little off topic but, Greg and Pappy have you 2 ever went on a hunt together? I think between the 2 of you even if the treasure was minor the gold would be locked in the stories you could tell. I think that would make for good newsletter material. How about some stories from members who have hunted together. Good or bad, Likes and dislikes, Tragic trips and triumpant finds. First looks at museum donations and local history. If we were really out there to uncover history then why don't we hear more stories of treasures of historical signifacance and not of monatary gain. Granted the coins are the faces of the past but what about...I dunno....bottles from your hometown dairy, articals of specific battles, Maybe even the key to the city. My one buddy found a bank tag from a different town 10 miles away. With a little research we relized that that was where the town and bank of that town used to be. Lets see some dig? Swiz


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SWIZ, GREG and I HAVEN'T been hunting together as of yet BUT we plan on going together hopefully in April or May sometime...Will let you know what we find.....PAPPY:smile: :smile: :smile:
Sounds great. The (mis)ADVENTURES of GREG and PAPPY. What type of a hunt will it be or haven't you decided yet? Can't wait to hear about it. Swiz