Greetings from Sonoma, NorthernCalifornia!

Hi folks. My first post here and am looking forward to taking some time and browsing through the posts. My initial question has to do with the BH line because I have $400 in Cabelas bucks and have always been interested in the hobby but never taken the plunge spending most of my hobby time with my eye to a telescope ep. So for that money and perhaps a little more, what do ya'll recommend? Thanks! Dan


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Bounty hunters are good starter machines. My first detector was a BH Tracker IV. I found stuff with it but it was not long until I got frustrated because I felt it did not go deep enough. What model are you looking at from Cabellas? Is BH the only brand they sell? For about half that money I would look into the Garrat Ace 250. Great little starter machine. Several people on here use it. Good luck and no matter what you choose I am sure you will enjoy the hobby. JoAnne