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LAUGH IF YOU LIKE...OLE' PAPPY HAS SEEN ENOUGH TO KNOW !! The next time you are working in your yard ( Or anyone else's for that matter) and are digging, if you happen to unearth a white wood grub...GO GET YOUR METAL DETECTOR and scan the hole really good.....THERE IS SOMETHING IN THERE WORTH HAVING.....PAPPY :D :D :D
White grubs?
The house where I grew up always had grubs.

Does this denote the presence of old wood or something.
What is the connection?
because I am now curious and will try it the next time I see grubs.

Thankyou Pappy,



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Don't know about the metal menu. Just something I have noticed for the last 50 years. Always works.... :D :D :D
I always find them plump little grubs....

Where I'm at they are everywhere. Does that mean I'm going to be rich? I hope so. They make great bullhead bait. MMMMMMMM a nice plump bullhead freshly fried and on my plate is another kind of treasure that I can never get enough of. I always see one of two sizes of white wood grub. The small ones are maybe 1/2" long and as fat as a pipe cleaner the other ones are an inch or more and as fat as my pinky. Rolled up they are the size of a quarter. Which ones do I look for? Do the bigger ones mean bigger treasure? lol Jason
I use the grubs here for channel cat and stripers. I personally like the cataba worm for catfish, they seem to like it better than the grub worms. There have been a few times (Pappy can vouch this works) I have used cottonseed meal made in to doughbait. That and fermented maize.. It was a trick I learned from some old timers when I was around 6 or 7. Hmmmmm catfish steaks sound really good right now.James
grub worms the treasure hunters friend.

If them fat grubs ate my treasure then I'd just give them a squeeze to get it back. So if I find a few dozen in one hole does that mean they ate a whole cache? :biggrin:


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Catfish James...

JAMES, Did you know you can turn them cataba worms inside out and they are silver inside...Makes a GREAT Catfish bait...If you freeze them alive in a ziplock bag and take them out when you need them and put them in warm water (Just set the bag in warm water) they will come back to life....PAPPY:smile: :smile: :smile:


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Grub Worms

ROB, Don't know how to explain it..They are just there. Something I noticed over the years. I've been diggin in the garden before and turned up coins with a little white grub in the hole...Not with the detector...:smile: :smile: :smile:
I found grubs!

Funny thing! I went out metal detecting today in my neighbers backyard and found a inch and a half bolt and when i dug it up there were two grub right there with it!
By the way since I have only been at this for a month or so I still dig up everything!!!! lol



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My specialty, Grubs are beetle lavvy. they eat grass roots mainly. this is why you have dead spot in nice lawn sometimes. maybe it is the extra minerals in the soil at that very spot that makes the roots a bit more tasty??
Pappy Now that you mention it I know it is true. when I was digging my 1/2 dollar I made my son get the grub worm out of the hole before I reached for the coin. Cool fact.............:grin:
Red Ants

down here we have red imported fire ants. every ant hill i ever swung my coil over has give me good tones.

but these things are vicious. not only do they bite but they sting. yes they have venom simular to wasp. they are called fire ants because their sting... even one tiny single sting feels like your skin is on fire.

they also love any electrical wires that are buried.

my theory on the ants and on the grubs...

any time there is corosion of metals there is also minute electrical discharges. very small but they are there. any time two disimular metals are exposed to a corosive they produce an elctrical charge. its how batteries work. i believe the grubs and ants are extra sensitive to these charges and are drawn to em.

just my opinion. i may be wrong...

HAPPY HUNTIN YALL AND :merrychristmas:
Me too

Even though I am fairly new to MDT I have noticed the same thing. When I'm diggin a yard and find a coin there is usually a grub in the hole too. It didn't take many holes to notice this happening over and over. It's so weird.. :confused: Maybe I'll try to find something online about it. If so, I'll post it here. I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one noticing this.


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Yep i've also noticed that. Not every single time, but many many times i have begun to dig a target and first come across a grubb, then deeper there was the target. Weird...must be something about metal they like??:coffeecup