I checked with KellyCo,, they're clean out of Grub Worm Tectors and don't know when they will catch up on their backorders,, ( bout 8 years long) Tried dropping a few names on them,, to get to the front of the line , LK,, Digs,, penny,, nope not impressed,, gotta wait ,, no wonder I can't find no silver

dirty digger

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Funny Thread. An old buddy of mine believed in the same theory that if there is a grub theirs a coin. Hes the one that got me into detecting. After that I actually found myself "respecting" those grubs LOL. I always put them back and found myself actually re digging plugs to put them back if I left one on top. After reading this thread, They are going in a container in my freezer till ice fishing season if they come back to life. They look like better bait then the "wax worms" or "mousies" you get at the bait store for 10 cents each. Hey wait a minute, 10 cents each... I gotta go.


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LAUGH IF YOU LIKE...OLE' PAPPY HAS SEEN ENOUGH TO KNOW !! The next time you are working in your yard ( Or anyone else's for that matter) and are digging, if you happen to unearth a white wood grub...GO GET YOUR METAL DETECTOR and scan the hole really good.....THERE IS SOMETHING IN THERE WORTH HAVING.....PAPPY :D :D :D
I don't think I have ever come across a grub worm. From what I have seen on surviver man they are .