GTAx and Investigator G-500 questions

I bought an Investigator G-500 for $5.00 at a swapmeet, still in the box with warranty card, it looks like it's never been used. I took it around the backyard and picked up a few coins and I'm wondering what the difference is between the G-500 and other GTAx models. Is it just a different overlay with the same electronics? Is this a good unit to keep as a coin shooter or should I sell it and use the money for an Ace model?
It seems this one is more designed for Law enforcement type of activities but it seems to work as well as other GTAx models.
Input would be appreciated.


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Welcome to the site! very glad to have you on. I am not familar with that model? Hey if it is finding the coins then why not keep it? I dunno at least for a while, Beale.


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I just looked that model up and I would say you got one heck of a good deal. I would keep it and learn MD'ing with. You can use it to find almost anything and since you only paid $5 it will pay for its self in 1 or 2 outings.
Well, I'm not totally new to the hobby, off and on for years but I formerly owned a White's XLT I had picked up for around $500 and never quite warmed up to and have since when I came across the G-500 I knew it was a great deal and got me thinking about hunting again but starting wondering if it was truly the right tool for the job, I mean...I know it can find coins but is it better suited for finding the gun that the killer left behind....for that matter isn't any metal detector suited for finding a gun as well as a coin or jewelry, if you put a stamp on it and call "Investigator" or "Ultimate Coin Finder" what really is the difference?
Is it a marketing tool?


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Welcome to TQ... call it what you want, if its finding coins, jewelery and relics, who cares...??? Sure we all find pop tops, cans and the like, but you must live by the simple rule of metal detecting..." If you don't run a coil over it, you'll never find it"

Garrett GTA 500

If you live in Dallas and want your detector updated, you can take it to Garrett Electronics Office in Richardson and they will update your electronics, put a new coil and generally recondition your detector cheaply. I had mine done with all theabove AND replaced the cracked battery holders for under $40.00 Great people at Garretts