Guidelines for TQ's Tuesday Snapshot


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About TQ's Tuesday Snapshot:

The " TQ's Tuesday Snapshot " thread is simply a place for the members of this forum to share one of their photos with the other members of this forum on a regular basis. To keep the thread from becoming too much of a load on the forum's server I ask that you please post only one photo per week. You may still start your own "personal" thread if you would like to share more. Also, If you miss the thread on Tuesday please feel free to post a photo anytime during the week.

Guidelines for TQ's Tuesday Snapshot:

Please, Only one photo per member per week.

( All material posted must comply with the " Forum Rules " as well. )

I would like to keep this thread informal, without a bunch of rules or guidelines, in hopes that it becomes something that the forum's members can look forward to on Tuesdays. We look forward to your participation in this thread. Thank you...