Happy Birthday Doc dog !!!


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I congratulate you on your birthday!
A lot of people can with me say
That you are a very nice a great friend
Who is always ready to understand!
I wish you, too, such a faithful as you friend.
I wish to love stories have a happy end!
I wish to healthy and cheerful was your child
And to you this year fate smiled!

С днем рождения , мой друг !!!
Счастья , здоровья и удачи !!!
Твой друг Павел , Люба , Олеся , мама и все мои дети ....

Благослови тебя Господь тебя ...Мы рады тебе ...

Твой друг Гришин Павел.


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Happy Birthday Doc Dog. We haven't heard too much from you the last little while. You haven't been forgotten. The light is always left on here. I hope you had a great day and hope to be reading some of your posts soon. We miss your wit and wisdom here.