Has anyone contacted Minelab Lately

Try (702) 891-8809 I have one and was called from them asking how I would rate the unit and any changes to be made. That was last week.


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curious to here about your dealings with them and how they treat you. hope the customer service is as good as it was before they sold out or this just might be my last Minelab detector.


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I called n spoke to a rep. a few days ago, I was told time frame for repairs is 25 days.. they are and have been super backed up with the gold detectors .. thats about all I know...
No customer service

Sent email 4 times called 3 and even sent and email more than a week ago to gary Schafer the VP of the USA and recieved nothing back. I think Mr. Schafers lack of response has filtered down thru the rest of the company. Way to lead !!!!
Gary Schafer - Minelab USA


I'm new to the site and this is my first posting in the forum. However, I am not new to the hobby and have been detecting for the past 30 years as a hobbyist and professionally as a criminal investigator. Regarding Gary Schafer VP of Minelab USA of North America. I first reached out to him several months ago on a metal detecting matter and found him to be very responsive. However, I learned two things about him since that time. One, Gary has a tremendous amount of responsibility that requires frequent travel for the corporation nationally and internationally. Two, he is a man of his word and if he is not personally able to assist you he will delegate one of his Minelab associates including Kevin Hoagland or Trina Bonney to answer your question(s) I have spoken with both of these individuals in the past and found them to be responsive and very helpful. I learned that Minelab has a non-hierarchial management style meaning that they embrace the concept of team spirit and inspire leadership with each of their employees.

I'm not an employee of Minelab though I use their products and believe that Minelab employees mirror the same quality as their products. If for some remote reason you are unable to get a response from the company feel free to contact me and I will get an answer to your question. Thank you.
Welcome to T.Q. historymistoryman, waving at you from Illinois :wavey: Hopefully Minelab will get things back in order soon I know there is several worried customers about their customer service.