Hello there. Need some help with the ID on a Dominion Glass Bottle

Hi there folks. I'm new to this forum and found it while trying, on my own, to research this bottle I recently acquired. So far I have figured out that the bottle was made by Dominion Glass ("D" inside a diamond" mark on base) and is most likely a machine made bottle that was produced prior to the 1930's (based on the vertical, horizontal seams).

In addition to the Dominion mark on the base there is an embossed "5" and a very faint "O" or "0"(zero) on the base out near the edge(too faint to photo).

There are no other markings that i can see, and especially nothing that would hint at what was originally held in the bottle. The bottle appears to have been sealed with a cork based on the neck/opening.

The bottle measures 7 1/2" x 3" and is dark amber in color.

I'm pretty competent at doing my own research but bottles are not my area of expertise by a long-shot.

So my questions are:

1) More accurate date/location of production
2) What was originally in the bottle and perhaps a link pointing to a photo of a label or a labelled bottle if possible
3) What, if any, monetary value that this bottle might have.

Thank you very much for any information that you might be able to help with.

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Hey there,

Thanks for your input. I sorta figured it was pretty much a generic bottle as it is so plain jane. It actually holds around 20 ounces. Some of the things I have read point to it being a Lysol or some other type of cleaner bottle.

Thanks again.



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Welcome to TQ!! We are very glad to have you on the site! I used to collect old bottles. I also agree that looks to be a medicine bottle. Beale.
hi , your bottle was made in the 1910s 1920s ,most likely it held peroxide , or disinfectant of some sort , Dominion glass was out of Canada , and you'll see there mark on prohibition whisky's from the 1920s.