Help ID on a small jar


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I found this up in my woods this evening. I know things have been dumped in the washes over the years. It's not that old, just kind of unique to me.
I'll describe it but will provide a picture if needed. It's brown in color like a recent beer bottle. On the bottom it has 6201 above, W 12 in the center and what looks like a Big "T" with 7 on the left & c on the right.
On one side of the jar it shows a Cannon, cannon balls & ribbons with American above & Revolution below with a star on either side. On the other side of the jar it has flowing ribbons with "The Boston" above & "Tea Party" below, then a Ship in Center with flowing ribbons on the right that has "Dec. 16" above & "1773" below with a star on either side. It appears to have some very small words or letters below the afore mentioned items. It's so small that I can't make it out with a loop.
Just wondering what was in it when purchased & a time frame if anyone can help.

Thanks, Roger