Help Required

My Sov Elite had already had a jack plug conversion on base of control box.I thought it was best to hunt in all metals and use the push button the Discrim, however it seems to work the opposite to what I want,the box is wired to hunt in discrim and when button is pressed it goes to all metals which I assume is Ste up for pinpointing. I hunt in all metals and switch to discrim. So which way do you guys work it?????.


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I would PM Homefire and ask if there is something you can do for it..He is great with detectors...Chuck...:bthumb:
Bingo,sorted out now,the probs was I was using one way push button so all that it was good for was pinpointing,I need to use a push click switch:doh: well must have been having a senior moment,so now I can flick control panel switch into discrim and when required PRESS MY NEW BUTTON ON MY NEW STRAIGHT ROD and presto AM at my finger tips.:bow: Just got to fit my 180 scale digital meter now.woop woop.:tongue: