Here's what I do for a living...what do you do?


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Work for DOE as an Radiological Control Technician. I check contamination and radiation levels in the buildings that we operate out of. Of course my work starts when I get home in the evenings. Besides raising my 9 yr old grandson we own one farm and lease 2 others with 50+ head of cattle and 7 horses. I love to teach team roping to beginners and when I'm not doing that I'm either coyote hunting or metal detecting with my little buddy. Other than that, I don't do anything. Lol


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I could have sworn I posted a reply to this thread but I can't find it. I know Y'all are dying to know what I do for a living so I will end the suspense.
I was a fire fighter for 30 years before retiring in 2005 and going into trim carpentry with my buddy. That lasted until 2010 when the bottom fell out of the home building industry. So, I went to work for an auto parts store and have been there since. But, due to injuries suffered in a 2014 accident I am most likely going to hang it up by the end of this year.


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I retired February 28, 2017. Enjoyed it until August when I turned into a full time caregiver for my wife. She is now recovering and I will get back to being retired soon.