hey pappy


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what kind of cleaning should i do on these kettles?can you stick a date on these?i know the handles are hand forged but the kettles got me stumped.any info be helpful.thanks creek


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NICE STUFF THERE CREEK ! Got some here just like them. Late 1800's to early 1900's.
If you are going to use them just for DISPLAY you can clean them with a wire brush them wash them really good with hot water and soap (Lots of hot water and soap)LET THEM DRY then you can put wood stove blackning on them and they will turn out really pretty.
If you intend to use them as useful utensils...Cover them with lard (REALLY SMEAR IT ON) and put them in a fire for awhile.When you get them out wash them really good with HOT water and then put a thin coat of lard on them inside and out then wipe them down with a dry towel. Each time you wash them DO NOT use any type soap but wash them in really hot water.Grease them down after each use again with lard...PAPPY:spin:


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just about what

i thought as far as the age,im not going to use them but i think i will lay the grease to em ,like the old iron grizz fryin pans.thanks pappy from me and mine to you and yours have a safe and happy thanksgiving...creek,,,,,,,, :bthumb: