How can you tell???

How can you tell if someone didn't trust banks? Where do you find the information on personal banking accounts from the 1800's to present or how much money they made. I've found limited info on factory workers from the 1870's who made $8 a month. I figure treasure hunting these properties would be a waste of time. What do I look for and where do I find it? Jason
accually the people that made the least are more likely to hide their money in the dirt. and i would love to find 8 dollars in coins from that time.


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SWIZZLE, Hardly anyone in the late 1700's and all through the 1800's trusted their money to go to banks. They started getting established where people put some trust in them in the early 1900's and then came the GREAT DEPRESSION and no one trusted banks anymore when they "Went Under" and it wasn't till the late 1900's that banks began once again to gain people's trust and get re-established. Nearly all the Farmers in the late 1800's and during the 1900's had no use for banks and would bury their monies where they knew it was safe and they could get their hands on it when they wanted it. I STILL know a lot of people that bury their money or have a "Safe Place" their money is located and you can bet it is NOT the bank....PAPPY:smile: :smile: :smile:


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hey swizzle...

Alot of people who hide thier money do so in a place they can see from a spot they spend alot of time at. Say from a bedroom window,a favourite chair,porch swing etc. good luck :smile:
Thanx guys. This site is awesome and you guys really know your stuff. I'm proud to be a member of this website and through your guidance hope to post my first cache soon. Tomorrow I'll be swinging the coil over top of 4 to 5 inches of snow. Not the best chance I stand at finding a cache but I need to get out and give it a try. Its a recently caved in homestead. Average sized house for an elderly couple to past their time. From my understanding they died in the 40's or 50's and the house was left to rot. About 20 feet from the house I know there was an old pen of some kind. Maybe for chickens or pigs. The old timer I'm getting this info from says they raised chickens. He's in his 70's and it was his parents house. They lived on a farm and there is evidence and older cellar holes that suggest that this area was inhabitated in the 1700's. I noticed one oddity on the property, a tree thats about 7 to 8 inches around and straight as can be up until about 20 feet. Then it has a unique twist on a good foot to foot and half of the trunk and then it continues straight up again another 20 feet to the top. The pen and tree are on the bedroom side of the house. I can tell its the bedroom because of the metal frame half in and out of the hole. It won't hurt to check and if it pays off I'll reward you guys with some eye candy. Hopefully at least some decent silver. Thanx for a wonderful website and some very informative people. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up and keep on smiling. Jason


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Hi Jason,

Its funny you mentioned Chickens, I was getting ready to tell you two good places to look for hidden Cash.

One good place was under a fence post and one of the best places was inside a Chicken coupe:bthumb:
You ever go into a chicken coupe at night?
I would obtain Karl von Mueller's book, "Treasurehunters Manual #7" If you are into treasure hunting it will answer all your questions. He talks about that problem and many others. The book is out of print and you can search ebay or abe for a copy. This book is a MUST for new treasure hunters...
Well I was going to swing a coil today. It was nice enough but some new info just came to light. Its a great lead that I'm going to have to sit on it until spring. Let's put it this way I know of 3 old timers that are searching for the same thing but certain circumstances are preventing them from getting close to it. I heard from the property owner that these people torn apart a stone wall and turned it into a stone pile looking for something. They know its there but they don't know where. I hope I can elaborate more on this at a later date, but for now it must remain a silent cache hunt. Jason


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I know very little about caching, what persentage of the people, do you think, burried their money. We have a lot of old foundations up here and I would love to search them.