How good is it?


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Has anyone used this machine? I see ebay has new one for $99.00 and was wondering if it was any good. Right now Im using an old whites coinmaster 6000 D/i series 3 with separate hip model controls. I would like to update to a newer machine but I would like as good as I have already if thats possible with out spending an arm and a leg. Thanks for any help in this area. Jimmy:santa2:


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I am not too sure about the Bounty Hunters...I am sure others will chime in..I would think your Coin Master is a work horse..I just got an older on a few months back and Bill is running it through the mill right now...Buster.....:icon_roll
I like this machine

To all who are wondering: I was given this MD by an old friend who had it sitting in the garage. This was my first MD and it's a coin finding machine! I mostly found clad but I have found 3 Mercury Dimes with it. The only drawback with this machine is that it does not detect very deep. Most of what I've found has been in the 0-4" range with a random find around 6 inches. The model I have does not have any video screen, just the 4 knob display: mode, sensitivity, discrimination and ground type. I learned very well how to read the tones and discern what the machine was telling me and this was a great machine to learn on. I even go back to this machine from time to time when I get frustrated with my other MD. The pinpointing on this machine is second to none when you locate anything and you "X" the spot. It is strictly a beginner machine but when you get frustrated looking for the good stuff and just want to find some clad again, it's the best.

I own a Tracker II. In the three months I've owned it I've found gold & silver rings and many coins. For the price it is an awesome machine. It has manual & automatic ground balancing, it has a sand mode and can be submersed in water. I'ts a great machine for beginner or any other enthusiast.


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I bought a bh505 for my son,and in the test garden ive been impressed with the depth.He's found a pile of coins with it and lots of iron relics at depths to 10inches.No experience with the tracker 2.