How to Create a Photo Album on your Profile Page

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TQ has a great feature that allows you to create a photo album on your Profile Page to share with other members. The content isn’t limited to just finds. You can show family, pets, other hobbies or even some of your favorite pictures, as long as they are "G-rated". Remember we have young people as members too!

Two things to do about before creating and uploading to an album: 1) think about the subject matter for each album. Do you want to make just one album and load everything into it or would be rather create multiple albums for different subjects?

And, 2, what pictures do I want to put in each album?

The first place to go is to your User CP or User Control Panel. That button is located in the upper left of almost every page on TQ, just above the Sponsor logos.

Click on it and it takes you to your control panel.

On the left hand side there are boxes. Go to the 2nd one down and look for "Pictures and Albums" and click there!

Next, click on "Add Album".

Put a title for you album and write a description of what is in it in the description box and click submit.

Next, click on where it says, "Click here to upload pictures".

Here, you can search for and choose the pictures you want to upload to your album. Click on "Browse" and go to where your picture is stored on your computer. When you find your picture, click on it, then click on the box that says "Open". That will take you back to the TQ Upload Pictures screen and you can then use the same process to choose the next picture you want to up load to your album.

When you have chosen the pictures, go to the bottom of the TQ Upload Picture page and click where it says "Upload Pictures".

The pictures will be automatically resized and there is a tally showing how many empty picture slots remain in your album. You are limited to 60 pictures per album. It may take a while to upload your pictures, depending on your Internet speed so please be patient.

When the pictures are done uploading the will appear with a caption box next to them where you can write a description of the picture.

You can also choose which of the pictures you would like to be your album cover by clicking the circle under the picture. If you wish to delete a photo, you can click on the appropriate box under the caption box.

When you are done, click "Save Changes" at the bottom and that’s it! You’ve created your album.

If you want, there are options in the upper right to edit your album or your pictures or you can add more pictures by clicking "Upload Pictures" on the left side!
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